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TrueCall “The Bees Knees” say Consumers

The TrueCall Nuisance Call Blocker has been described as “The Bees Knees” by posters on a consumer forum, one of whom said:

I bought TrueCall a few months ago, and as has been said before it really is the “bee’s knees”.  It has stopped Debt Collection Agencies in their tracks. I really love Zapping their calls (without even answering their call) knowing that once their number is added to the Zap list they will NEVER get through ever again. 🙂

TrueCall the Nuisance Call Screener

TrueCall – what does it do?

TrueCall enables you to get rid nuisance callers quickly and politely. It checks each call that you get before your phone even rings. Family, friends and white listed callers get straight through – but the device stops nuisance calls such as marketing, telesales, call centres, silent calls and wrong numbers.

In addition, TrueCall is easy to use straight out of the box – just plug it in. It also has an answer machine, and all options are configurable so that it will work in the way you want it to.

People you want to talk to get a “star”. People you don’t want to talk to get a “zap”. You can also use the Whisper feature that enables you to decide whether to take the call.

For example:

Your phone will ring, and when you answer trueCall will say:

“You have a call from (for example) Sharon from Best Financial Services  – Press 1 to accept the call, hash to ‘zap’ the caller, or just hang up to ask the caller to leave a message. Press star to accept the call and ‘star’ the caller”.

If you press hash to “zap” Sharon, and you don’t want to hear from her again, Sharon will hear the message: “I’m afraid that we’re not interested in your call – please hang up now and don’t call us again”.

If Sharon is a cold caller then her company is legally obliged to not cold call you again. If Sharon’s caller ID is available, this also automatically adds her to the “zap” list.  If you don’t know whether or not you want to speak to Sharon, you can just hang up. This will route Sharon through to the trueCall  answering machine. If you want to listen to the message you can – and if you decide you want to speak to Sharon, pick up the phone and you will be connected.

If you start to talk to Sharon, but she starts to annoy her, you can “zap” her at any time. She will then hear the message: “I’m afraid that we’re not interested in your call – please hang up now and don’t call us again”.

You can use trueCall’s built in zap message or record your own if your prefer.